Tired of billionaires and megacorps owning your internet? Want to host your own social media account? Want to host your own blog and connect to the Fediverse? Shuttlecraft is for you!

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What is it? Video version!

Getting started on Glitch

A ship big enough for one

It's a small, "easy to host" web app that contains almost everything you need to host your own personal social media account. You run your social media identity, along with the tools to post, follow, and interact with other people on any other compatible service like Mastodon because Shuttlecraft speaks ActivityPub and RSS.

You own all the data and host it yourself. You can set it up on Glitch in a few minutes.

Experimental software

This software is brand new and should be considered unstable and in a state of rapid evolution. This is a personal project project from Ben Brown and not a fully supported open source project.